A publication championing simplicity, sustainability, and intention in a complex modern world

Simple and Straightforward is the publication I always wanted to write. The one that questions everything we think of as normal, from worshipping at the font of busyness to the relentless pursuit of money at all costs.

This publication may have its roots in minimalism and simple living, but it goes so much beyond decluttering and living with less. It's about deciphering the complexities of modern life one article at a time. 

I cover:

  • Culture and society, especially their influence on our lives

  • Travel, specifically how travel can shape our perception of what is "normal"

  • Digital life, questioning our all-encompassing relationship with the online world

  • Food with a focus on recipes designed around reducing food waste

  • Highly curated recommendations for the best intentional living content on the internet

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Think of The Capsule Pantry as this publication's food supplement. It aims to reduce the 40% of food that is wasted every single day by completely revolutionizing the way you cook. 

Much like a capsule wardrobe, The Capsule Pantry invites you to live with a small number of ingredients in your pantry and then teaches you how to use them to make thousands of different dishes. Every week, I send at least one highly flexible recipe that can be adapted to fit what's in your fridge - and your pantry - thus reducing how much you have to throw away.

Less food waste, better food, more simple.

This is an entirely member-supported publication which means no adverts, affiliate links or sponsors. I want you to trust my words without thinking there's something monetary in it for me. The only way I get paid is if you sign up. That’s it.

As for me, I’m a professional writer and sommelier who in 2020 sold everything at 35 years old - my wine business, house, and most of my possessions, in order to travel the world, working as I go.

Finally, be sure to check out Simple and Straightforward on Instagram and feel free to email me anytime at charliebrownwriter@gmail.com 


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A publication championing simplicity, sustainability, and intention in a complex modern world


Charlie Brown
Writer of opinions. Ex-wine pro. Simple words for a simple life.